The AICLU project for 
Linguistic Competence Certification  
in Italian Universities

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The tests are constructed so as to have the same set of characteristics, and the same format, in both languages and at each level. The CERCLU tests are characterized as follows:

  • Operational or task oriented. The tests offered are operational in nature, i.e. they are intended to measure whether or not the candidates can do certain things in English or in Italian. The “things” they are asked to do are specified at each level and represent authentic tasks of the sort language users face in real life. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the variety of candidate tasks respectively for B1 and B2 level .
  • Authentic. Authenticity is of major importance. It affects not only the task the candidates are asked to perform and the exam situation (“Is this the kind of task which a real person in real life might want to do?”), but also the type of texts which the candidates use in the reading and listening tests and produce in the writing and oral subtests (“Is a real language text being used for a relevant purpose?”).  
  • Suitable for a specific audience. The CERCLU certification system is meant to be for candidates who are studying English in Italian academic contexts and for foreigners who want to join or have joined Italian Universities.
  • Reliable for certification. Candidates are issued with a certificate which records the level for each test-part passed. The certificate carries a brief description of the successful candidate’s level of performance in the form of CEF “can do’s”.









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